andreas engel is a new york artist with a wide range of experience in a multitude of artistic fields. his imagination was sparked at a young age in the remote jungles of guatemala, where he experienced rich cultural and ecological stimuli - from elaborate hand-embroidered textiles to iridescent beetles along with the smell of sun-dried alspice and coffee, the latter of which continues to be a vital element during his many, hard-deadline projects.

attending schools in texas, california, and new york, andreas has a broad range of experience in the arts, ranging from classical music performance to fine art serigraphy. he has touched on everything from puppetry for henson productions to writing and developing a reality television show in new york.

since 2003 andreas has been heavily invested in developing several brands within the apparel industry, which has included successful efforts in branding, product development, e-commerce web and print design, marketing, photography and copy writing.

andreas has also designed and built multiple theatrical set designs for the children's theatre of peekskill, a world-conscious, community-based program affiliated with the united nations.

in addition to his commercial, contracted and consultant work, andreas enjoys working on his own, fine art paintings, sculptures, and other projects. in 2006 he was featured as an artist in an article by new york times art critic holland cotter.

andreas engel currently resides in new york, with his wife, son, daughter, and his dog.